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Giving More Than Good Music

We are in surprising and unpredictable times. COVID-19 has affected many and their families, businesses, industries and health. During times like these it is ever more important to stick together and uplift one another. It is a great gesture of faith to provide an act of kindness, a smile, a caring word or a graceful laugh. As the World navigates through such a trying pandemic, we are utilizing new ways to show care for ourselves and those around us.

DJ Deja Blu has been utilizing various ways to keep the spirits up for those who need a lift. From live streaming at Club Deja to comedic memes to job resources available, he has shared at every opportunity to help those in need. As a proud Ambassador of Little Rock, his hometown, DJ Deja Blu is looking for another way to provide support for the people of his city. With this in mind, he has created a way for the entire city and surrounding areas to get involved as well.

DJ Deja Blu, in conjunction with Deja Blu Productions, is introducing "Sunday's Service", a community service initiative to feed one family every Sunday in honor of COVID-19's 'Stay At Home' lock down. In order to nominate a family, each person must subscribe to and submit a family through the "Sunday's Service" link. Once inside the link, complete the brief form by nominating a family with a story to share of how they are in need. Every Saturday evening DJ Deja Blu and his panel will read the nominations and choose one winner for the following Sunday to feed.

We are excited to be a part of such a great cause! Deja Blu Productions eagerly awaits your nominations and look forward to serving a community that has served DJ Deja Blu for so many years. Thank you for your act of kindness and stay tuned to the website for any updates.

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